Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wells - Banana Bread Beer

Yes it is true, I am in fact reviewing the beer known as: "Banana Bread Beer" brewed by Wells and Youngs based in Bedford, England, a small city about 50 miles north of London. I have to admit, this is the first beer I have tried from this brewer, although I have seen several other styles at the local QFC like their double chocolate stout. This beer was recommended to me by a good friend, so let's give it a shot.

Name: Banana Bread Beer
Category/Style: English Strong Ale
ABV: 5.2%
OG: Unknown
Malt Types: Unknown
Hop Types: Unknown
Bottled: Unknown

The Pour: Clear amber-orange, copper, filtered, looks a bit like apple juice. The head is white and quickly disappears. Probably won't be much lacing.

The Nose: Straight up Banana. Like peeling a Banana then inhaling the aroma. Almost smells artificial, like Banana flavored Laffy Taffy. I'm also detecting hints of bubblegum, the nose is very sweet, maybe a slight malt presence, caramel, bready, tough to detect much else behind the Banana aroma. It's a bit overpowering and dominant. Maybe some slight hints of spice?

The Taste: Carbonation is barely noticeable, slight up front, but not much longevity to it. Definite Banana flavor, but in my opinion, the nose leaves a lot to be desired. Surprisingly the flavor is lacking sweetness as the nose suggested, Banana flavor peaks midway through, then slowly fades to the back of the palette...leaves slowly, fades to a bit of bubblegum, spice, and a slight bitterness...kind of flat...was expecting more sweetness...dry finish, medium to light body...quite drinkable if you don't mind the Banana...

The Verdict: The aroma screams Banana, flavor involves Banana, caramel, and slight bitterness. I think it's lacking a bit of sweetness. Kind of reminiscent of a German Weissbier (flavorwise). I think it's intriguing and worth trying at least once, but probably not something I can see myself purchasing more than once...

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