Friday, November 7, 2014

Ballast Point Brewing Company: Indra Kunindra

Hello there guys, I do apologize for forgetting about you for two or three months. But the truth is, I never forgot about you! The plan to write a new entry has been floating around in my head for a long while now and I'm just now getting around to it. Anyway! The beer I'll be reviewing may or may not still be available on the market but I had to post it either way. I really appreciated the complexity of this very well-balanced and intriguing brew. It is none other than: Indra Kunindra from Ballast Point Brewing Company.

If you've never heard of this brew before that's highly unfortunate. It's a limited edition, limited release kind of beer and I'm not even sure if they will ever brew more. What's so interesting about this beer you might be asking yourself? It's an Export Stout spiced post-fermentation with Madras Curry, Cumin, Cayenne, Coconut, and Kaffir Lime Leaf! Now I know what you're thinking, you're thinking exactly what everyone is thinking: It'll just be another over the top spice beer, especially with all those crazy strong flavours competing with one another! And what I say to that is: nope, think again, and don't judge before you've had a taste (which may or may not be possible now, ha!).

The backstory on Indra Kunindra goes as follows: this Export Stout was a collaboration with award-winning homebrewer Alex Tweet. And by collaboration I mean that the beer was one that he himself crafted and it was brewed full-scale on the Ballast Point premises. Another question some of you may be asking yourself right now: Export Stout? What the heck is that? Good question. Export Stout or Foreign Export Stout as it is sometimes known, is simply a more stout version of modern day stouts. Historically, it was brewed at higher gravities primarily for export to the tropics. There are a few examples floating around the US markets but this is the first spiced version I've seen and the only one I've truly cared for. Anywho, let's proceed to the tasting notes!

Name: Indra Kunindra
Category/Style: Foreign Export Stout
ABV: 7.00%
IBU: 50
OG: Unknown
FG: Unknown
Malt Type(s): Unknown
Hop Type(s): Unknown
Yeast Type: Unknown
Special Additives: Madras Curry, Cumin, Cayenne, Coconut, and Kaffir Lime Leaf
Bottled: Unknown
Bottle Size: 22 oz.
Location Purchased: Complimentary

The Pour: Pours jet black with a tan head, dissipates slowly, nice lacing...

The Nose: Up front the aroma is toasted coconut, a little citrusy lime, vanilla, dark roasty notes, a hint of chocolate, a nice blend of spice notes and hints of curry...

The Taste: Initially the flavour is a little bitter chocolate, hints of spices, creamy coconut, toasty notes, body is lacking a little bit, a bit of spicy heat in the back of the throat, it builds, but it's all very well-balanced. There's a slight hint of something refreshing, finishes a little bitter, like bittersweet chocolate. All the flavour is midway through. Beginning and end is a bit flat, mostly bitter chocolate notes. Carbonation is low as per style but I really enjoyed this brew.

The Verdict: It's an interesting elixir of exotic flavours represented in a very pleasing manner that was not off putting by any means. I'd recommend this beer for the consumer looking for something different and far from the usual. I imagine this beer would pair extremely well with spicy foods and would be utilized well in the culinary arts. High five to Ballast Point, and thank you Jarred for the complimentary sample!

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