Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Beer: Grandsun of Spot IPA

Ok ok, so a lot of you might be thinking that I've forgotten how to spell here. However, I have not. The correct spelling would be grandson, but this beer just so happens to be part of Full Sail Brewing Company's Summer "Sun" Series. The Grandsun of Spot IPA is just the next in line of the Brewmasters Reserve Series for 2009, a rotating selection of special brewmasters release beers that rotate every 10 weeks or so. Full Sail Brewing Co ( at us from Hood River Oregon and is the brewer of many unique and delicious hoppy brews. Two of my favorites include the winter brew: Wassail and another of the Brewmasters Reserves: Keelhauler. And so here we go, Grandsun of Spot IPA...

Category: India Pale Ale
ABV (Alcohol per Barrel Volume): 6.0%
IBU (International Bitterness Units): 80
Malt Type(s): Munich and Honey
Hop Type(s): Columbus

The nose: Initially very heavy, sweet and sugary, brown sugar and molasses notes, very malty, with a detectable amount of hoppiness. This makes me curious.

The pour: This beer pours a dark orange amber. The head is off-white, slight retention. The malty sugary molasses scents are still apparent, and only when one swirls the glass will the the hops show themselves. Now let's taste it.

The taste: Oh wow. Initial detection is of medium carbonation. Very interesting in that I am able to taste the hops almost immediately. Tastes thin, yet I am able to detect a little sweetness and malt. The hops are apparent throughout and they linger on your palette for a very long time afterwards. I will have to see how the taste develops as I consume more, but I am a definite fan of the IPA. If you're not, this may not be the beer for you. Overall I would say this is a good brew for the lover of hoppy brews!

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